Hi, I’m Jacob Adriani, an international comedian based in Amsterdam. The bookers at Comedy Embassy described me as:
Smart, worldly and prone to flights of fancy, Jacob Adriani disproves the stereotype that comedians are miserable bastards. His kind, authentic presence has warmed the hearts of audiences all over the Netherlands/Europe.

In 2019 I won a prize for my English-language stand-up comedy. In 2022 I won a Gong Show. I think I’m done with competitions for now.

Want to book me for a comedy show or event? Send me an email.


Every first Wednesday of the month I present Comedy Spotlight! The international comedy show of Alkmaar (my home town). We go for great vibes, with a mix of up-and-coming and established international comedians, and yours truly as the host. Come check it out!

Every first Thursday I present a Dutch Comedy Spotlight show as well.


I’m a regular at The Comedy Embassy, who host more than 20 English-language comedy shows each month. You’ll find me there as both an act and MC. If you’re in Amsterdam, come say hi.

Want to book me for your own stage instead? Send me an email.


I am also available for businesses and organisations. As a host, comedian, or otherwise improvement of your event.

Both in English and in Dutch (and for a whole lot of money in German as well).

Below are some testimonials from international organisations who booked me before.


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